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Europäische Kommission / EURYDICE

Adult education and training in Europe.

Widening access to learning opportunities.

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"Through a comprehensive overview of policies and data related to the renewed European agenda for adult learning, this Eurydice report aims to support the exchange of policy and practice between countries. The report concentrates on measures to ensure that the most vulnerable groups of adult learners, in particular those with low basic skills or insufficient qualifications, have appropriate access to lifelong learning opportunities. The report's six chapters cover background statistical data on adult education and training, national policy commitments to adult learning, main types of publicly subsidised programmes, learning flexibility and progression pathways, outreach initiatives and guidance services as well as targeted financial support. The report is mainly based on information gathered through the Eurydice Network in 2014 and covers 35 national education systems located in 32 European countries (all EU Member States as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey). Alongside Eurydice information, it also includes data from a range of research projects and statistical data from international surveys." [Abstract: Site editor's information].


Educational policy, Learning achievement, Training offer, Professional Continuing Education, Adult education, Life-long learning, Adult, Foreign countries, Switzerland,

Quelle Luxembourg: Publications office of the European Union (2015), 164 S., URL des Volltextes:;
Series Eurydice Report
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Language englisch
Document type Monographie
ISBN 978-92-9201-661-6
DOI 10.2797/8002

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