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Human rights education (international)

Juan Manuel Santos, president of Columbia since 2010 and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Photograph: Wilson Dias/Abr, derivative work: Coronades.
Juan Manuel Santos,
president of Columbia
since 2010 and 2016
Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Photograph: Wilson Dias/
ABr, derivative work:
 Creative Commons Licence 3.0 Brazil: Attribution

The UN Declaration of Human Rights was published on December 10, 1948. Also on December 10, the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. In 2016, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos for 'his resolute efforts to bring the country's more than 50-year-long civil war to an end'.

Declarations on Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


The Universal Declaraton of Human Rights was issued by th United Nations on December10, 1948. Its full text is accessible via this website. 

European Convention on Human Rights - Council of Europe


Discover the genesis of the original version of the European Convention on Human Rights by reading the preparatory works article by article.Compare the 1950 version of the Convention with the current text. Finally, acquaint yourself with the Convention thanks to its simplified version designed for educational purposes 

Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy -Federal Foreign Office Germany


The Federal Foreign Office outlines its policy regarding human rights protection and the international context (UN conventions) here,with pertinent current news and links to further details, such as the official report on human rights policy (both in terms of foreign policy and implementation of international standards at home). 

Education - A human right


Information provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development: Germany is engaged in the Education For All Fast Track Initiative targeted at promoting basic education to every child by 2015, as well as supporting vocational education and training in developing countries, human rights education and democracy educatio. The website provides facts and [...] 

Council of Europe: human rights website - LAW, POLICY


The Human Rights Directorate works to promote and develop human rights and to ensure that they are complied with in the Council of Europe’s member states. Its responsibilities include: developing human rights law and the Council’s policy in the field; supervising the application of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights; and implementing the European [...] 

European Union: Human Rights


The EU presents an overview of its activities in the field of human rights and democratisation on this site, which constitute its founding principles. Accordingly, users can navigate the area by subject (e.g. anti-discrimination, charter for basic rights, equity) or download pertinent documents. 

UNHCR Deutschland (UNHCR) / UNHCR: United Nations Refugees Agency


The Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees, the agency is mandated to co-ordinate international action towards the protection of refugees. The website provides access to publications, bodies, research and teaching resources, statistics. 

Human Rights: Finding Help at the UN


On December 10, 1948 the United Nations declared the Convention on Human Rights. This website by Deutsche Welle informs about the human rights conventions and requirements for complaints, it further links to related web resource such as the UN Guidelines for Complaint and pertinent NGOs. 

World Programme for Human Rights Education (2010- 2014


On 10 December 2004, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the World Programme for Human Rights Education (2005-ongoing) to advance the implementation of human rights education programmes in all sectors. The World Programme is structured around an ongoing series of phases, the first of which covers the period 2005-2009 focused on the primary and secondary [...] 

Unterrichtsmaterialien des UNHCR zum Thema Flüchtlinge


Das Amt des Hohen Flüchtlingskommissars der Vereinten Nationen (UNHCR) in Deutschland hat Lehrmaterialien, Unterrichtspläne und Videos für verschiedene Altersstufen entwickelt. 

... find out more about Colombia

Ministerio de Educación National de Colombia   


The website of the Colombian Education Ministry provides information about the mission and objectives of education in Colombia (peace, equality), assessment and accountability, and access to relevant material for the different sectors (from pre-primary to tertiary education).

Alianza Educación para la Construcción de Culturas de Paz   


The Education Alliance for the Construction of Cultures of Peace consists of national and international institutions. Its aim is to work on the education level for the construction of peaceful cultures and democratic coexistence on the national, regional and local level. Therefore, the alliance provides technical help and cooperation. Furthermore, there is an intensive [...]

Sistema educativo nacional de la República de Colombia   


The site provides information about all levels and types of education in the country: socio-political background (policy, economy, state, administration, legislation, linguistic situation); history of education; legal basis and structure of the education system; educational administration and allocation of competencies; financing of education; initial education; compulsory [...]

Kooperation International: Bildung und Forschung in Kolumbien   


The Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany (BMBF) links information on countries and multilateral organisations on this site, with a focus on education and research from an international perspective.

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 Human Rights Education  





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