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Welcome to Eduserver, your guide to education in Germany!

Eduserver, the English language version of the German Education Server, provides access and background information regarding the German education system and its international context.

Please browse the left menu bar to view thematic dossiers. You can alternatively subscribe to our English language RSS newsfeed, write to the editor , or check out “What’s new” below. In this section, we present topical issues, e.g. new thematic dossiers and documents.


Refugees in Germany: Focus on Education

English language information - as of September 2015

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Study in Germany: English language information for refugees


The website provides information about the university system in Germany, recognition of degrees, special programmes and funding opportunities for refugees in Germany. 

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Annotated charts on Germanys higher education and research system


The publication presents facts and figures about the higher education and research system in Germany, including information on research institutions, the social background of students, German students abroad. 

NEW: The DAAD database of international programmes has been updated, now listing courses for 2016

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DAAD International Programmes in Germany


Information on international programmes of study at german universities. Search for various criteria: degree/level, field of study, subjects, course language, location, keyword. 



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