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Welcome to Eduserver, your guide to education in Germany!

Eduserver, the English language version of the German Education Server, provides access and background information regarding the German education system and its international context.

Please browse the left menu bar to view thematic dossiers. You can alternatively subscribe to our English language RSS newsfeed, write to the editor , or check out “What’s new” below. In this section, we present topical issues, e.g. new thematic dossiers and documents.


Holocaust Education (international)

selection of resources for Holocaust Education

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Assuring Quality in Education: Policies and Approaches to School Evaluation in Europe.

"This report analyses the structures and organisation of school evaluation in primary and compulsory secondary level. It covers all EU Member States, as well as Iceland, Norway, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Turkey. Schools form the basic building blocks of education and training systems, and school evaluation is an important way to monitor and improve their [...]

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Dual VET- Vocational Education and Training in Germany


The presentation illustrates central aspects and key advantages of the dual system of vocational education and training in Germany, focusing particularly on the benefits for stakeholders and economic advantages. It targets an international audience of stakeholders wishing to adopt the German model to their countries. 

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The BMBF‘s International Cooperation action plan: Summary of the central points


The BMBF Action Plan links up with the Federal Government‘s BMBF-led Strategy for the internationalization of science and research. The chapters of the Action Plan focus on the following key areas:
outlining the analytical principles for strategically placing the international instruments and projects on a sound evidence base; pooling the various BMBF strategies in order [...]  

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DJI Impulse Special English Edition 2014: Living and surviving- The problems faced by young refugees in Germany.


Impulse, the bulletin of the German Youth Institute, presents this English language publication to inform about the situation of young refugees in the German welfare system, against the background of current issues in asylum policy, children’s rights, child and youth welfare. Germany is among the most popular countries for immigrants. Topics include a dossier that sheds light [...]  

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One million hybrid babies, better transversal skills and job prospects – is there a downside to Erasmus?


In the early 1980s, the EU Commission launched the ERASMUS mobility programme for students, and 25 years later the benefits and downsides are a matter of debate - while those in favour argue that participating students have better job prospects owing to communicative skills, some of the drawbacks concern lack of funding and recognition. The article points to some studies on the [...]  



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