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Welcome to Eduserver, your guide to education in Germany!

Eduserver, the English language version of the German Education Server, provides access and background information regarding the German education system and its international context.

Please browse the left menu bar to view thematic dossiers. You can also subscribe to our English language RSS newsfeed, write to the editor , or check out “What’s new” below. Here, we present topical issues, e.g. new thematic dossiers and documents.

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The Federal Government’s Strategy for the Internationalization of Education, Science and Research


In February 2017, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research published a new strategy for the internationalisation of education, science and research, which links up to the strategy paper for internationalisation published in 2008. The five strategic areas are: strengthening excellence through global cooperation, developing German strength in innovation, developing [...]  

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Open Content – A practical guide to using Creative Commons licenses


This practical guide was published by Unesco Germany and its partners to provide practical information and advice to producers of content they wish to make available by Crreative Commons licences. 

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KAUSA Tips for immigrant parents. Vocational education and training in Germany


This brochure informs immigrant parents about vocational education and training in Germany, and particular support for young people from immigrant families. It is published by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and available in many languages. 

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Philipp-Schwartz Initiative for threatened researchers: stipends for German institutions


The Humboldt Foundation, together with the Federal Foreign Office, offers 30 stipends to German institutions wishing to host a researcher who is threatened by war or persecution in his or her country. Researchers will be granted full-time placements for 24 months to continue their work in a German institution. The current round of applications ends on April 21, and scholarship [...]  

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Education and research in Germany (institutions)


Focusing on international cooperation, this website offers an overview of relevant institutions in Germany with short descriptions of their fields of work and links to vocational education and research. 



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