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Chances of progressing to dual vocational education and training and training success of young migrants (BIBB Report 5/2014)

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Migrants in Germany experience particular difficulties in progressing from school to vocational education and training. Their chances of obtaining a training place within the dual system of vocational education and training are significantly worse than those of young people not from a migrant background. The report undertakes   a differentiated comparison of the transition to dual VET by young people with and without a migrant background on the basis of the 2011 BIBB Transitional Study. It also addresses the question of the nature of young migrants’ chances of success if they have managed to make the progression to dual vocational education and training. Is it possible to identify further disadvantages for this group, or are they just as successful as or perhaps even more successful in and after training than young people not from a migrant background?


Germany, Labor market prospect, Alien, Vocational education and training, In-house training, Educational opportunity, Adolescent, Transition,

Language English
Contact Beicht, Ursula; Walden, Günter; Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB)
Last modified 27.09.2023

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