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The German Education Server – The Internet Guide

Deutscher Bildungsserver (German Education Server, or Eduserver) is the focal internet guide to educationally relevant information. It provides fundamental and high quality information on internet resources - thus offering quick, up-to-date, concise and free access to information. As a meta-server it primarily refers to resources on the German education system, which are mainly provided by the federal (Bund) and state (Länder) authorities, the European Union, higher education institutions, schools, state institutes, non-universiy research or service instituts, scientific societies, media providers and libraries. The German Education Server is jointly provided by the federal government (Bund) and the states (Länder)..

Subject areas

Apart from search options in several data bases, the information pool can be accessed via a structured entry, i.e. thematic catalogues.

The subject areas cover all levels of education, from earlychildhood education and care to primary and secondary school and vocational education and training. Moreover, they address higher education, and also continuing and adult education . These subjects are supplemented by general information such as descriptions of the German education system, education policy, statistics etc., and cross-section information, such as special education and social pedagogics, media and education, and education worldwide and intercultural education.


Users can keep informed about new items on the German Education Server or their special interests by a biweekly German language newsletter, the personal profile service "Mein Bildungsserver" (my eduserver), and the English language RSS Newsfeed. . Moreover, users can search for a job or post an application in the job exchange, Stellenmarkt Bildung (jobs in education), operated in co-operation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (German Society for Education Science). The glossaries offer definitions of the German education system and its European dimension in German and English. The option "Ask the editors" offers a research service.

Search options

A substantial pool of data is available for research on the Education Server, e.g. the data bases Onlineressourcen (online resources), Institutionen (institutions), HREF="http://www.eduserver.de/termine/termineausgabeliste_e.html">calendar of events, and Wettbewerbe (competitions.

The bibliographical data bases provided by the German Education Portal , the subject gateway to educational science and research, are also integrated into the search. The portal offers access to the central data base on educational research literature, the German Education Index . A simple search option enables users to search across the data base, while an advanced search option allows for the selection of particular data bases.

Suggesting a link

Users can suggest interesting institutions, online material, web sites and events by activating the button Suggest a link. All entries are checked by the editorial team, and then added to the data bases. The event calendar entry is also accessible in English and French.


The Eduserver co-operates with various partner portals on the Internet: a shared job structure and editorial collaborations have been established with the Länder education servers. Partner gateways enhance the services provided by the Eduserver. See the following overview: Bildung PLUS is the Eduserver publishing platform concerning educational reform, the InfoWeb Weiterbildung offers a multilingual meta search engine for courses in continuing education, Lesen in Deutschland is the gateway to extracurricular activities on the promotion of reading, Schulmediothek is an information portal for school libraries, The National Report on Education has its own website and Education worldwide is the gateway to educational information from abroad.

The InfoWeb Weiterbildung

The multilingual meta search engine maintained by the InfoWeb Weiterbildung (IWWB) constitutes a focal access point to information on services in continuing education, counselling addresses in continuing education, funding and promotion of continuing education and other topics relevant to taking part in continuing education. Users can search courses nationwide, according to dates, locations, types of course and topic.

Further information

You can find further information on the structure, function and organisation of the Eduserver in the sitemap, in the help section and the imprint. The staff welcome suggestions, criticism or questions. Please send us an email!

Your Eduserver team




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