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Education for Democratic Citizenship

A class at school with a speech bubble saying 'Democracy please!' Picture source: National Archives Netherlands; arrangement: Libby Levi for opensource.com; licence: CC by-sa 2.0
A class at school with a speech bubble saying "Democracy please!" Picture source:
National Archives Netherlands; arrangement: Libby Levi for opensource.com; licence:
CC by-sa 2.0
licence: CC by-sa 2.0

The International Day of Democracy 2016 is placed into the context of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was signed by all Member States in the UN in September 2015.

Promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education


In response to extremist attacks, and in order to reaffirm Europe's determination to stand shoulder to shoulder in support of fundamental values that lie at the heart of the European Union, the EU Education Ministers and Commissioner Navracsics adopted the Paris Declaration in March 2015. The Declaration aims at promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, [...] 

Curriculum Development and Review for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education.   


The central purpose of this resource is to support the development of education policies and curricula in schools that support and promote young people's participation in democratic life. As such, EDC/HRE is inevitably in an ongoing state of development and review. This resource aims to support the work of education leaders and curriculum developers in integrating EDC/HRE [...]

Council of Europe

The Education for Democratic Citizenship Division (EDC), Council of Europe


The Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) is a set of practices and activities designed to help young people and adults to play an active part in democratic life and exercise their rights and responsibilities in society. EDC encompasses other related concepts, such as peace and intercultural education.  

Tool on Teacher Training for Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education


The aim of this publication is to give ideas and guidelines for action to support teacher/trainer training in education for democratic citizenship (EDC). It is a result of a collective work coordinated by the Council of Europe. 

Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Pack


A set of tools for promoting democracy and human rights through education was developed by the Council of Europe based on its member states’ experiences and expertise in this area, and is now known as an “EDC/HRE Pack”. It includes publications specifically addressed to policy makers, teacher trainers, school directors, school inspectors, universities and civil society [...] 

Tool for Quality Assurance of Education for Democratic Citizenship in Schools


An English language document providing a comprehensive survey of quality assurance strategies and evaluation techniques as to the implementation of democratic principles of participation at school level. 

Civic Education in Germany

Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung (BPB) / The Federal Agency forCivic Education


The work done by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb) centres on promoting awareness for democracy and participation in politics. It takes up topical and historical subjects by issuing publications, by organising seminars, events, study trips, exhibitions and competitions, by providing extension training for journalists and by [...] 

The Burden of History? Civic Education at German Schools


This article provides insight into the political education of school students in Germany in the past 100 years. It is analysed by five different historical contexts from the monarchy to National Socialism, the German Democratic Repulic, and the Federal Republic of Germany. Further, extracurricular teaching of civic education is examined, and a study of 14 year old students [...] 

European Union

Citizenship Education in Europe.


Citizenship education in Europe shows that all European countries now have introduced central regulations to promote student participation in school governance. Encouraging citizens, particularly young people, to actively engage in social and political life has recently become a growing political priority both at national and European level. Because education is viewed as a [...] 

Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE)


DARE, Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe, is a Europe-wide network focusing on the twin fields of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education.The activities are: - exchange of information, contents, methods and staff; - common programmes for education and qualification of staff, board members and volunteers in member organisations; - common [...] 

Further reading

DARE in Action: Vision and practice for democracy and human rights education in Europe


This book introduces some of the current practice of the members prefaced by theoretical reflections from a range of members and non-members. In addition, it provides guidance on how to develop teaching materials. Part One begins with an article by Georg Lohmann about the mutual dependence of a democratic state system and human rights. Claudia Lohrenscheit considers how [...] 




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