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The German education system: basic facts

This website has been created to provide you with a quick and short circuit access to educational resources on the web. Furthermore, you are always welcome to browse freely, or to send your questions to the editor.
These resources are designed to provide international users with selected English language documents regarding the German education system and related aspects. They by no means reflect the complete thematic scope covered by the German Education Server.

A schematic overview of the Basic Structure of the Education System in the Federal Republic of Germany gives you an idea of how the system is organised.
The Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs publishes an English language document titled The Education System in the Federal Republic of Germany, which is updated on a biennial basis. The document is available in English, and it is published as part of the Eurypedia network on education systems in Europe, see this overview on Germany . The OECD also publishes regular documentations on education policy and the education system in Germany.
For more details regarding specific aspects, please follow the links below which will lead to further resources - mostly in English.




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