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Promoting culture and cultural education in Germany

h t t p s : / / n a t i o n a l - p o l i c i e s . e a c e a . e c . e u r o p a . e u / y o u t h w i k i / c h a p t e r s / g e r m a n y / 8 4 - p r o m o t i n g - c u l t u r e - a n d - c u l t u r a l - p a r t i c i p a t i o nExterner Link

This article summarises laws, objectives, responsibilities in the field of cultural education in Germany as part of compulsory education, offered by Eurydice, the European Network for Information in Education. 


Germany, Europe, Interdisciplinary instruction, Cultural education, Cultural policy, Code of Social Law,

Language English
Contact Eurydice, Europäisches Netzwerk für Bildungsinformation
Last modified 15.09.2023

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