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Social Media Bridge. Outreach counselling for refugees in social media

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The project "Social Media Bridge" (SOMB) offers information and referral advice for refugees on social media platforms on the topic of working in Germany and does so in 7 languages. It supports the networks of the WIR programme with training, support and handouts in developing their own online skills. The project is part of the project network "bridge – Berliner Netzwerk für Bleiberecht. New approaches to the inclusion of refugees", which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the European Union via the European Social Fund in Germany as part of the federal programme "WIR – Netzwerke integrieren Geflüchtete in den regionalen Arbeitsmarkt". As part of the WIR programme, the aim of the pilot project SOMB is to develop, test and implement approaches for outreach information and referral counselling in social media for refugees in Germany. The project works in seven languages – Arabic, Persian, Ukrainian and Russian, English, French, Kurdish and Turkish and German – using simple language on all WIR counselling topics. In a low-threshold and GDPR-compliant manner, the project team is active in the groups and channels on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and in messenger services such as Telegram, among others, which are set up by the refugee communities themselves. The refugees receive information and referral advice on other WIR projects and support services. Misinformation in social media is counteracted and especially those target groups are supported that have not been reached by local WIR networks so far. In addition, the SOMB project supports the WIR networks throughout Germany in developing their own online skills through networking, training, support and handouts. The project also conducts public relations work and networking at national and transnational level.


Labor market prospect, Counselling, New media, Refugee, Inclusion, Media skills, Pilot Projects, Networking, Social Software,

Language German; English; French; Russian; Turkish; Arabic; Kurdish; Persian; Ukrainian
Last modified 07.08.2023

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