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Social Media Streetwork. Initial Information, Orientation and Advising in Social Media Against Marginalisation

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The project "Social Media Streetwork" (SoMS) develops and offers initial multilingual information and advising in social media for marginalised EU migrants, minorities and people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The partner project by Minor and the BAG Wohnungslosenhilfe e.V. is a nationwide pilot project and is part of the ESF-Plus program "EhAP Plus – Eingliederung hilft gegen Ausgrenzung der am stärksten benachteiligten Personen". SoMS develops and offers multilingual initial information and advising for the target groups of particularly disadvantaged newcomers to the European Union, homeless people or people at risk of homelessness and their children under the age of 18. The focus is put on supporting particularly marginalised communities, i.e. especially Roma and Sinti as well as homeless people. The target groups communicate actively on social media which is why they shall easily receive information there and will be referred to EhAP Plus projects and/or local help services. At the same time, incorrect information shall be diminished.


Counselling, Pilot Projects, Homelessness, Gypsies, Socially handicapped, Social Software,

Language German; English; Bulgarian; Polish; Romanian; Croatian
Last modified 07.08.2023

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