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Inclusive digital education

h t t p s : / / w w w . e u r o p e a n - a g e n c y . o r g / s i t e s / d e f a u l t / f i l e s / I n c l u s i v e _ D i g i t a l _ E d u c a t i o n . p d fExterner Link

A policy brief by the European Agency highlighting the potentials of digital education for the education of people  with special needs, spanning aspects such as technology from Universal Design to assistive technology, media education, teacher education, involvement of parents and families, social inclusion.


Europe, Handicapped, Handicap, New media, Inclusion, Teachers' training, Social integration,

Language English
Contact European Agency for Sppecial Needs and Inclusive Education
Last modified 13.06.2022

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