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Inclusive Development of Methods and Technologies for Supporting Everyday Activities of Young People with Special Needs - INTIA

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Institutions and social work organisations are increasingly recognising how socially relevant the digital participation of their clients is. However, they lack concrete individual solutions  for the participation and self-determined everyday coping of their clients, reduce risks,  which do not require a great deal of effort, and which can be used without any problems with regard to liability or data protection issues. Innovative approaches are sought to introduce clients of social work to the use of digital tools

The project takes advantage of the fact that solutions for the integration of hardware components and the combination of software services and apps are increasingly available as open source

Target groups are: residents of independent groups (prospective careleavers) in inpatient facilities; young people with intellectual disabilities and/or learning disabilities; young mothers with disabilities.



Germany, Assistance for the handicapped, New media, Digitalization, Inclusion, Youth welfare, Social work, Social pedagogics,

Language German; English
Contact Leitung: Prof. Isabel Zorn,
Last modified 24.06.2021

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