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#everynamecounts in schools

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#everynamecounts is an initiative by the Arolsen Archives which aims to establish a digital memorial to the people persecuted by the Nazis. Future generations should be able to remember the names and identities of these victims. To do this, the names and data in scanned historical documents must be digitally transcribed. This is a huge task, because there are around 30 million documents in the archive with references to the fates of 17.5 million people. Everyone can participate. #everynamecounts is very well-suited to exploring the effects of Nazi persecution in the classroom while actively contributing to memory culture at the same time. The project is very suitable for distance learning. It helps students acquire methodological skills for working with archival sources, and it promotes exploratory learning and enables a discussion of the scale of the persecution. There are many ways to join #everynamecounts at school, taking into account both the available time and the background of students. To participate, each student needs his or her own computer (or tablet) and an Internet connection.


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Last modified 23.01.2024

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