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NORRAG Special Issue: “Global Monitoring of National Educational Development: Coercive or Constructive?” (ES)

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The NORRAG Special Issue 3 (NSI), published on 3 October 2019, is entitled "Global Monitoring of National Educational Development: Compulsive or Constructive? The report aims to analyse the impact of global monitoring reports on education and training policies worldwide. 23 articles examine how education reports are perceived, announced and received internationally, but also how reports are produced by international organisations. It concludes with reflections on how global reports and indicators influence the global development agenda, especially in the relationship between theory and practice, lobbying and politics. The original version was published in Spanish and is entitled "Monitoreo global del desarrollo educativo nacional: ¿coercitivo o constructivo? An English translation and contextualizations in Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese and Russian will follow.


Egypt, Africa, China, Europe, France, Latin America, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Reporting, Reporting system, Monitoring, Educational policy, Education system, Policy-approach, Comparative analysis, World, Educational policy,

Language English; French; Spanish; Russian; Arabic; Chinese
Last modified 16.12.2019

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