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Structural Indicators for Monitoring Education and Training Systems in Europe – 2019: Overview of major reforms since 2015

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The Eurydice report contains more than 35 updated structural indicators on education policies for the 2018/19 school/academic year in six policy areas: early childhood education and care (ECEC), achievement in basic skills, early leaving from education and training (ELET), higher education, graduate employability and learning mobility. It additionally provides a short overview of the major reforms since the start of the 2014/15 school/academic year in the said policy areas. The indicators provide information on the national policies and structures that contribute to achieving the  benchmarks  set  in  the strategic  framework  for  European  cooperation  in  education  and  training ('ET2020'). EU  and  Member  States’  performance  on  the  ET2020  benchmarks  are  analysed  in  detail  in the European Commission's Education and Training Monitor.The Eurydice project on Structural Indicators for Monitoring Education and Training Systems in Europe contributes to the contextual informationforthis  analysis.  It  provides  yearly  data  since  2015,  which  illustrate  the  main  policy  developments  in education and training systems across Europe. The 2019 update of the structural indicators covers all EU Member States, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. (Summary: Eurodyce, DIPF author)


Europe, Vocational Education, Employability, Educational policy, State of the art reviews, Factor analysis, Early childhood education, Basic education, University level of education, Mobility, School leaver, School graduation, School level of education, Structural analysis, Comparative analysis, Goal definition, Educational legislation, Vocational Education,

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Last modified 06.11.2019

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