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Manual for developing intercultural competencies: story circles

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This book presents a structured yet flexible methodology for developing intercultural competence in a variety of contexts, both formal and informal. Piloted around the world by UNESCO, the methodology of modern narratives and storytelling in so-called “story circles” has proven to be effective in a range of different contexts.  It,  therefore,  can  be  considered  an  important  resource  for  anyone  concerned with effectively managing the growing cultural diversity within our societies to ensure inclusive and sustainable development.   Intercultural  competence  refers  to  the  skills,  attitudes,  and  behaviours  needed to improve interactions across difference, whether within a society (differences  due  to  age,  gender,  religion,  socio-economic  status,  political  affiliation,  ethnicity,  and  so  on)  or  across  borders.  The book serves as a tool to develop those competences, presenting an innovative adaptation of what could be considered an ancient tradition of storytelling found in many cultures.  Through  engaging  in  the  methodology,  participants  develop  key  elements  of  intercultural  competence,  including  greater  self-awareness,  openness, respect, reflexivity, empathy, increased awareness of others, and in the end, greater cultural humility.   This  book  will  be  of  great  interest  to  intercultural  trainers,  policy  makers, development practitioners, educators, community organizers, civil society  leaders,  university  lecturers,  and  students    all  who  are  interested  in  developing  intercultural  competence  as  a  means  to  understand  and  appreciate  difference,  develop  relationships  with  those  across  difference,  engage in intercultural dialogue, and bridge societal divides. [Abstract: UNESCO, Author DIPF]


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Language English
Contact Deardorff, Darla K.
Last modified 15.06.2020

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