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The Hessian school system (information in English)

h t t p s : / / e n g l i s h . h e s s e n . d e / c i t i z e n s / e d u c a t i o n - a n d - r e s e a r c h / h e s s i a n - s c h o o l - s y s t e mExterner Link

The federal state of Hesse, Germany,runs the website with basic information about the school system and further links to related English language services as well as a filmthat is also available in Arabic.

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Deutschland, Hessen, Bildungssystem, Flüchtling, Migrant, Schulsystem:, School System, education System, federal state, immigrant,

Education Sector Sekundarstufe II
medium category Internet
Language Englisch
part of URL https://‌
contact State of Hesse, Deputy Secretary Michael Bußer
rights Keine Angabe, es gilt die gesetzliche Regelung
access ohne Anmeldung frei zugänglich
chargeable nein
last modified 04.09.2019

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