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Studienbrücke - Your direct route to Germany

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The Goethe Institute runs Studienbrücke, a programme specifically designed to prepare students from abroad wishing to embark directly on a course of study in Germany. Students apply and are selected to enrol in modular courses in their home country focusing on learning German and subject matter preparatory courses, in STEM subjects and economic science, as well as intercultural awareness training. The participants can then apply for a course in Germany, at a partner university. For more information, read the website or contact the project manager.


China, Germany, Eastern Europe, South America, Thailand, United States of America, Vietnam, Central Asia, German as a foreign language, Intercultural education, Natural sciences lessons, Tests, Academic studies, Test coaching,

Language German; English
Contact Svenja von Itter, Projektreferentin,
Last modified 04.07.2019

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