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MySkills - Recognition of vocational skills

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The BKE project at DIPF was initially part of the structure project "MYSKILLS – Recognising Professional Competencies" of the Federal Employment Agency in cooperation with the Research Institute for Company-Based Training (f-bb) and the Bertelsmann Foundation. The project aimed at the development and quality assurance of instruments for valid assessments of professional competencies of people with low qualifications. Following a successful test construction, the project has focused on running tests and the technical advancement of the system. From 2017 to 2022, MYSKILLS tests were used by the Federal Employment Agency. Since spring 2022, DIPF and the Bertelsmann Foundation have tested the use of MYSKILLs with educational institutes in Germany and abroad.



Occupational qualification, Occupational image, Refugee, Competency, Test coaching,

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