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Skill and vocational development needs over the period to 2030. A joint situation report by the partnership for skilled professionals.

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Matching supply and demand in the labour market in times of structural change will be the key challenge for economic and labour-market policy. To make sure that the German economy will remain successful in the future, skilled workers need the right skills and qualifications. This foresight study on the skill and vocational development needs over the period to 2030 highlights ways in which the working world is changing and sets out a vision of the future in 2030. It examines the trends regarding general and sector-specific shifts in skill needs. It additionally deduces development requirements and the conditions for the successful transformation of the labour market.


Vocational education and training, Competency, Sustainability, Qualification,

Language German; English
Contact Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales (BMAS)
Last modified 09.04.2018

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