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EPALE summary: February focus on social media in adult learning Link

EPALE’s thematic focus for February is social media in adult learning. There are a lot of educators and trainers who at best see social media as a means of entertainment, and, at worst, as a source of distraction for learners. But with over 3 billion people (link is external) around the world using social media, the attractiveness of community platforms and social networks is undeniable. This is why the topic of using social media in education to make learning more interactive and engaging is becoming increasingly popular. Social media can be used as a tool for peer-to-peer communication not only by learners but also by teachers and trainers. It can also improve teacher-learner communication or help to make teaching approaches more interactive. Its primary role is to facilitate access to information, which makes it a useful tool for non-formal and informal learning as well. Check out the collection of contributions for some interesting resources on the topic.

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