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PROMI - job opportunities for doctoral students with disabilities

h t t p s : / / p r o m i . u n i - k o e l n . d e / w p - c o n t e n t / u p l o a d s / 2 0 1 5 / 0 8 / F a c t - S h e e t - f o r - t h e - P R O M I - P r o j e c t 1 . p d fExterner Link

As part of the PROMI Promotion inclusive project, the University of Cologne provides support for doing a doctorate with health impairments. This includes, among other things, guidelines, signposts and networking opportunities. The information is aimed at doctoral students, supervisors and employees of graduate institutions, and good practice examples are also presented.


Handicapped, higher education, Inclusion, Project, Conferment of a doctorate,

Language German; English
Contact Bauer, Jana;
Last modified 15.12.2022

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