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European Patterns of Successful Practice in Vocational Education and Training

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This report on European Patterns of Successful Practice in Vocational Education and Training (VET) was developed as a result of a coherent and comprehensive analysis of 28 VET practices, examined in the course of the Vocational Education and Training: Policy and Practice in the field of Special Needs Education project. The report identifies similarities and differences in successful VET examples and provides recommendations to improve the performance of countries’ VET systems in particular areas. This report is complemented by a document that details the methodology employed in the project for analysing the study visit outcomes and for setting up the VET system model, also available from the project web area.

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Europa, Behinderter, Ausbildung, Arbeitsmarkt, Integration, Inklusion, Projekt, berufliche Bildung, Teilhabe, europäischer Vergleich, Disabled learner, special educational needs, disability, workforce, vocational education and training, qualification, labour market, integration, project, comparison, best practice, Europe,

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