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Education in early childhood (BAMF)

h t t p : / / w w w . b a m f . d e / E N / W i l l k o m m e n / B i l d u n g / F r u e h k i n d B i l d u n g / f r u e h k i n d b i l d u n g - n o d e . h t m l ; j s e s s i o n i d = B 2 8 2 D 8 0 2 8 C 6 A 9 8 4 9 2 2 5 F C 9 B F 6 A 2 9 3 9 D 9 . 1 _ c i d 3 5 9Externer Link

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees offers information, advice and addresses concerning early childhood, daycare provisions, fostering early language development, multilingualism.

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Mehrsprachigkeit, Migrant, Kind, Erziehung, Sprachförderung, frühkindliche Bildung,

Education Sector Kindertageseinrichtungen / Tagespflege; Vorschule
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contact BAMF
last modified 28.05.2013
See also: Pre-school education and care

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