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Conditions of Entry and Residence of Third Country Highly-Skilled Workers in the EU (European Migration Network)

h t t p s : / / e c . e u r o p a . e u / h o m e - a f f a i r s / s i t e s / h o m e a f f a i r s / f i l e s / w h a t - w e - d o / n e t w o r k s / e u r o p e a n _ m i g r a t i o n _ n e t w o r k / r e p o r t s / d o c s / e m n - s t u d i e s / h i g h l y - s k i l l e d - w o r k e r s / e m n _ h i g h l y - s k i l l e d _ w o r k e r s _ b o o k l e t _ f e b 0 8 _ e n . p d fExterner Link

This EMN Synthesis Report aims to summarise and compare, within a European perspective, the findings from eleven National Contact Points (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom) of the European Migration Network (EMN), on the conditions of entry and residence of third country highly-skilled workers in the EU primarily from the year 2000 up to and including the year 2006. It is primarily intended for policy-makers in the labour market domain. Other target groups are immigrant associations, trade unions, employer associations/unions and research institutions active in the field of migration studies.


Europe, Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Scientist, Mobility, Labor law, Europe,

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Last modified 03.01.2017

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