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Study in Germany - Land of ideas (DAAD portal for international students)

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Study-in de is a modern website enhancing the information services by the German Academic Exchange Service: international students can find information about studying and living in Germany in a user-friendly environment that is enriched by Web 2.0 features. While the web structure itself provides access to information on aspects of preparing for study, learning German, choosing a university course, health insurance, searching accommodation and financing your studies, you can also access a blog where students from different countries relate their experience, or virtually travel through a city like Berlin. Ten videos are accessible representing student life, and the DAAD has also created a space on StudyVz, the social network for students, which enables students from abroad to contact peers at the university of choice.


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Language German; English
Contact Maike Steuer , DAAD;
Last modified 16.11.2015

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