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Magna Charta Universitatum

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The Magna Charta of the European Universities is the final result of the proposal addressed from the University of Bologna, in 1986, to the oldest European Universities. The idea of the Magna Charta was enthusiastically accepted. During a meeting in Bologna (June 1987) the delegates of 80 European Universities elected an eight members board including: the President of the European Rectors Conference, the Rectors of the Universities of Bologna, Paris I, Leuven, Barcelona, prof. Giuseppe Caputo (University of Bologna), prof. Manuel Nunez Encabo (President of the sub-commission for Universities of the Parlamentary Assembly of the European Council). The aims of this document is to celebrate the deepest values of University traditions and to encourage strong bonds among European Universities. Having, anyway, this document an universal inspiration any extraeuropean University has the possibility to join it.


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