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Strengthening Germany`s role in the global knowledge society: Strategy of the Federal government for the Internationalization of Science and Research

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The English language summary of the strategy paper, which was presented on behalf of the government in February 2008, outlines the challenges and opportunities Germany faces in the light of globalisation, and its future strategy regarding collaboration and competition in research and science. Focus is placed on excellence, innovation and the mobility of high potentials (strengthening cooperation in Europe, collaboration with emerging countries in relevant scientific fields, competing with the United States and China). The advancemnt of scince is to be based on principles of responsibility and sustainability.

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Deutschland, Entwicklung, Entwicklungsland, Europäische Dimension, Forschung, Forschungspolitik, Globalisierung, Innovation, Internationalisierung, Kooperation, Mobilität, Nachwuchs, Netzwerk, Wettbewerb, Wissenschaft, Wissenschaftspolitik, internationalisation, researrch policy, research and development, research funding, investment, high technology, infrastructure, Lisbon strategy, networking, international cooperation, young scientists, Germany,

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