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YOU can control climate change: brochure for students (pdf file) Link

The brochure is issued by the EU, it informs young people about climate change and how they can contribute to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Practical advice concerns waste recycling, switching off electrical appliances, turning down heating, walking instead of driving.

Subject Area

Kind, Klimawandel, Klimaschutz, Umwelterziehung, Umweltbildung, Europäische Union, climate, climate change, global warming, waste disposal, environmental education, child, European Union,

Education Sector Grundschule; Sekundarstufe I
Resource Category Anleitung/Manual
Media Category Internet
Language Deutsch; Englisch; Französisch; Spanisch
Contact Europäische Kommission; European Commission;
Rights Keine Angabe, es gilt die gesetzliche Regelung
Last modified 06.02.2014
See also: Climate change and climate protection

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