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Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE)

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DARE, Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe, is a Europe-wide network focusing on the twin fields of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education.The activities are:
- exchange of information, contents, methods and staff;
- common programmes for education and qualification of staff, board members and volunteers in member organisations;
- common databases and systems;
- public relations and lobbying at European level;
- common educational projects, standards and good practice;
- a common resource on funding opportunities (thus minimising the need for duplication of research);
- a common standard for project delivery.

subject area

Demokratie, Menschenrechte, Netzwerk, DEMOKRATIEERZIEHUNG,

Education Sector Grundschule; Sekundarstufe I; Sekundarstufe II; Erwachsenenbildung
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last modified 22.05.2019
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