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The Education for Democratic Citizenship Division (EDC), Council of Europe

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The Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) is a set of practices and activities designed to help young people and adults to play an active part in democratic life and exercise their rights and responsibilities in society. EDC encompasses other related concepts, such as peace and intercultural education.

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Europa, Europarat, Europäische Union, Bürgerschaft, Staatsbürgerschaft, Sozialkunde, Council of Europe , Europe, citizenship, democracy, educational policy, politics, participation, educational programme, politische Bildung, Politisch-gesell. Untericht,

Education Sector Grundschule; Sekundarstufe I; Sekundarstufe II; Hochschule; Berufsbildung; Erwachsenenbildung
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last modified 09.11.2006
See also: Education for Democratic Citizenship

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