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Federal Statistical Office: Data on Education, Research and Culture

h t t p s : / / w w w . d e s t a t i s . d e / E N / T h e m e s / S o c i e t y - E n v i r o n m e n t / E d u c a t i o n - R e s e a r c h - C u l t u r e / _ n o d e . h t m l ; j s e s s i o n i d = 7 C 1 C 4 F F 1 5 4 F 6 E 5 B 3 C 8 6 6 5 D 2 E E E 4 B A 7 0 5 . l i v e 7 2 1Externer Link

The Federal Statistical Office disseminates statistical information regarding education, culture and science on this site, e.g. school statistics, vocational training data, formal level of qualification data.


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Language German; English
Contact Statistisches Bundesamt;
Last modified 28.10.2021

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