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Teaching and learning in Europe during the covid-19 pandemic

h t t p s : / / e u r y d i c e . e a c e a . e c . e u r o p a . e u / p u b l i c a t i o n s / t e a c h i n g - a n d - l e a r n i n g - s c h o o l s - e u r o p e - d u r i n g - c o v i d - 1 9 - p a n d e m i cExterner Link

The website summarisees reactions and  links to a full comparative report  describing the ways  countries in Europe rresponded to the covid-19  pandemic. A  focus lies on schol closures  and digitised distancce  learning but also exans. 


Europe, School closing, Virtual classroom,

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Last modified 21.03.2023

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