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New Unesco Global Education Monitoring Report - Focus on "Technology in Education"

Cover of the GEM Report 2023: A girl sits in a classroom and has a tablet in front of her.
Copyright: Ismael Martínez Sánchez-8308 / ProFuturo

On July 26, 2023, the new Unesco Education Report was published. This time its focus is on technology in education, with a question in the subtitle: "A tool on whose terms?".

The report explores the debates surrounding the opportunities and risks of technology in education. The authors examine education challenges to which appropriate use of technology can offer solutions (access, equity and inclusion; quality; technology advancement; system management), while recognizing that many solutions proposed may also be detrimental.
The report also explores three system-wide conditions (access to technology, governance regulation, and teacher preparation) that need to be met for any technology in education to reach its full potential.

In addition to the overall report, you can also find 200 country reports on the situation of technology in education in the respective country.

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