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Ariadne Pfad:


New OECD publication on the state of education worldwide, one year after the beginning of the COVID-pandemic

Cover of the OECD publication
Cover of the OECD publication "The State of Education. One Year into the COVID-Pandemic" (2021)
Copyright: OECD

The corona pandemic, which has been rampant since March 2020, has led to massive problems in the education systems of all countries worldwide: closed schools and inadequate digital teaching have lead to large educational gaps among students. This situation has been going on for a year now. During this time, the OECD, together with UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank, has collected data from around the world on how different education systems are coping with the challenge and crisis management. The report linked here offers first preliminary results.

Update January 2022: Meanwhile, the OECD published a new report with the title  "The State of Global Education. 18 Months into the Pandemic" as well as other reports with different topics related to education and the COVID-19 pandemic. We link to all of them here. 

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