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New webdossier: Inclusion in South America

Graffiti / mural in Santiago de Chile on free and inclusive education
Graffiti / mural in Santiago de Chile: "Free and inclusive education! Now!"
Copyright: , CC BY 2.0

A new webdossier has been published in our series "Inclusion in an international perspective". This time we take a look at inclusion in South America. The webdossier presents websites giving an overview & introductions into the topic, websites on the Political Frame, Networks & Organisations, Research on Inclusion, Literature & Journals, Events & Conferences, Inclusion in Latin America in other areas of society (other than the issue of disability)

Since the German Education Report 2014 was published, Education Worldwide has been gradually creating webdossiers on inclusion on all continents and in individual countries. The occasion was the focus topic "People with Disabilities" in the Education Report 2014. So far, the following webdossiers on inclusion have been published: in Europe, North, Central and South America, as well as Africa. Additionally, sections on inclusion can be found in the country dossiers of the following countries: Finland, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, United Kingdom. They can all be found in the superordinate webdossier "Inclusion in an international perspective".

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