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Vocational Education & Training Worldwide - Country Studies

Picture of some of the books in the series
Picture of some of the books in the series "International Handbook of Vocational Education & Training (VET)" published by the German BIBB (Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training)

The German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) has made available online all of its country studies, updates and specialist articles from the International Handbook of Vocational Education and Training (IHBB). New studies had already been freely accessible online since 2014 (Open Access). Meanwhile, all older studies since their first publication in 1995 have also been digitized and are now available online.

The chapters of the respective volumes have changed slightly over the years, but all in all provide a similar and comparable overview of the VET systems of different countries worldwide.

The most recent issues include the following chapters:
1. Country specific context
2. Typical VET trajectories or training courses
3. An overview of the education system
4. Vocational education and training
5. Important framework conditions and determinants of VET

The country studies are only avalable in German - with one exception made so far for the country study on India, which is available in German and English.

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