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Ariadne Pfad:


New webdossier on "Learning Analytics" compiled by the German Eduserver

Visualisation of a presentation about Learning Analytics
Visualisation of a keynote by George Siemens about Learning Analytics (Apereo Conference 2014)
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The 10th Learning Analytics Conference (LAK20) took place from March 25-27, 2020. Due to the current corona pandemic, the anniversary edition took place entirely online for the first time in LAK history. It was organised by our colleagues in the "Educational Technology" department of the DIPF. 

On this occasion, we want to take a look at this still relatively new field of activity in educational research. Our dossier deals with the application of Learning Analytics (LA) in schools and Higher Education in Germany (in German) as well as with the international development of LA (Engl+Ger).

In our dossier you will find definitions, basics, literature tips, and further information on research projects, specialist societies, application areas, journals, conferences as well as critical thoughts related to the field of "Learning Analytics".

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