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Fritz Bauer Institute, Study- and Documentation Center on the History and Impact of the Holocaust

Norbert- Wollheim-Platz 1
60323 Frankfurt am Main

h t t p s : / / w w w . f r i t z - b a u e r - i n s t i t u t . d e / e n /Externer Link

The Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, is dedicated to research, documentation and public activities in the field of informing about National socialism, the holocaust, persecution.


Germany, Documentation, Research, Nazism,

Type of institution non-university research/ service
Country Germany
Phone (0 69) 79 83 22 40
Telefax (0 69) 79 83 22 41
Projects of the Institution

Antisemitismus im europäischen Schulunterricht

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