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German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Kennedyallee 50
53175 Bonn

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In its capacity as the largest German support organisation in the field of international academic co-operation, the DAAD, with considerable public funds at its disposal, simultaneously fulfils responsibilities in foreign cultural and academic policy, development co-operation policy and national higher education policy. Indeed German higher education policy focuses on the internationalisation of research, teaching and studies as a prime objective. Furthermore, the DAAD has taken on an intermediary role within Europe on matters of education policy - especially with regard to the European Union´s exchange and mobility programmes.


Academic exchange,

Type of institution alliance/ association/ interest group
Country Germany
Mailbox Postfach 20 04 04
Zipcode of the mailbox 53134
Town of the mailbox Bonn
Phone 0228 882-0
Telefax 0228 882-444
Parts of the Institution

Deutsches Komitee der IAESTE e.V.

Projects of the Institution

International Virtual Academic Collaboration
Programm für Lebenslanges Lernen

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