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„Lesesenteret i Stavanger“ - Zentrum für Leseerziehung und Leseforschung

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„Lesesenteret“ (National Centre for Reading Education and Research) is part of the University of Stavanger, within the human sciences faculty. Within university education and research, the centre targets reading education and respective research. The Centre regards itself as an institution specialising in research on reading and writing difficulties (e.g. dyslexia) and is represented in the national network of special needs actors. The Centre moreover promotes reading education and training, reading development and research. It organises national and international conferences as well as participating in national and international studies on reading competencies.

Reading education: Educators and teachers from pre-schools and primary schools are informed about relevant topics:

  • Reading and writing education, particularly early years language games for pre-school children (inspiring and integrating parents)
  • motivating boys to read (boys speak for themselves in a national café dialogue)
  • boys as avid readers and library users (research findings from a survey of boys’ reading habits)

Reading development: information platform with expert contributions.

Research: The Centre conducts many studies in its own right, addressing current topics such as:

  • Why do Norwegian employers attribute more meaning to a report than to the actual reading competency of an employee?
  • Good readers are made at home (reading socialisation in the family)
  • Why is it more difficult to read on screen than on paper?
  • What happens to children who need to acquire a new mother tongue (e. g. adopted children)
  • the inheritance of reading difficulties (project involving twins)
  • measuring eye movements
  • Why is it more difficult to listen to a non-fiction text in audible format than to read it on paper?

The Centre moreover offers an overview of scholarly publications.


Lesen, Schreiben, Leseschwäche, Lesekompetenz, Schule, Studie, Lehrerfortbildung, Leseforschung, Lesestörung,

Type of institution Universität / Hochschuleinrichtung
Country Norwegen
phone + 47 51 83 32 00
telefax + 47 51 83 32 50
last modified 06.07.2015
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