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„Foreningen !les“ in Norwegen

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©Foreningen!les „Foreningen !les“ (The association !read ) is a nationwide campaign to encourage people in Norway to read more books. „Foreningen !les“ was established in 2001, following a pre-project that started in 1997. The organisation is a private initiative, and it is partly financed by membership fees and contributions from the participating organisations, and partly through government funding. The organisation is founded upon the experiences of similar campaigns in other countries such as „Lësrørelsen“ in Sweden, „Stiftung Lesen“ in Germany, and National Literacy Trust in England. While in Norway there was a strong movement to educate and alphabetise all parts of the population and a comprehensive system of schooling (ten years) has been in place since after World War II, a decline in reading motivation and competencies is now apparent. „!les“ works with young people’s attitude towards literature, emphasising the pleasure of reading and encouraging young people to share their reading experiences with their peers: „!les“ has focused on enjoyment and delight in the transmission and diffusion of literature in schools. „!les“ collaborates with teachers, librarians, booksellers, writers and publishing houses to encourage as many as possible to read. It organises diverse campaigns and projects involving schools, e.g. on April 23, the UNESCO World Day of Books.


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Type of institution Verband / Verein / Interessenvertretung
Country Norwegen
phone + 47 22 400 600
telefax + 47 22 400 601
last modified 02.09.2019
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