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European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA)

26, Place de la Gare
L-1616 Luxemburg

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The web-site of the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) has been designed to meet three needs:
1) to provide basic information to the public in English, French and Spanish: - about what “youth information“ is in Europe,about ERYICA: its aims and activities, its member organisations, its newsletter (in English and French) - including links to a wide range of mainly national youth information web-sites.
2) to host the Infomobil Service, developed by ERYICA partners in more than 20 countries. This service provides practical information about European countries, designed for young people who wish to discover or live in a different part of Europe. The country data is available in at least English and the language of the country (when the language is not English).
3) to develop on-line resources and a communication tool for youth information workers in Europe: - by facilitating contacts with colleagues in other European countries, by encouraging exchanges of experience and methods, by giving information about ERYICA products and services.


Europe, International exchange, Youth, Youth work, Europe,

Type of institution international institute
Country Luxemburg
Phone +352 24 87 39 92
Telefax +352 26 29 32 15
last modified 19.04.2018

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