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Ariadne Pfad:


Better education for all: When we're included too.

A global report. Link

In 2010, Inclusion International will celebrate its 50th anniversary. In 1960, national organizations came together to form an international alliance because they knew that they could not accomplish their goals on their own. Now with members in more than 115 countries, [they] are trying to live up to the expectations of our founders. Most of our member organizations at the local level were created by parents of persons with an intellectual disability because their children were not accepted into the local schools. Yet parents knew... that the sons and daughters can learn and that they have a right to an education. Much has changed since 1960. From [the] early days when most parents were happy if their sons and daughters received any education, [the] name change in 1994 to Inclusion International signaled the fact that [the] goal is for people with an intellectual disability to fully participate in all aspects of their communities - including schools. (DIPF/Orig.).


Bildung für alle, Vergleich, Begriff, Bildungspolitik, Schule, Schüler, Inklusion, Menschenrechte, Sonderpädagogik, Definition, Welt, Internationale Organisation, Benachteiligtes Kind,

Dokumenttyp Monographie
Medientyp online
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Ort Salamanca
Verlag Instituto Universitario de Integración en la Comunidad (INICO)
ISBN 978-84-692-6607-6
Sprache englisch
Erfasst von Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung, Frankfurt am Main
Update 2011/1

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