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Finnish education system

Das Bildungssystem in Finnland


Education is one of the cornerstones of the Finnish welfare society. The educational system offers equal opportunities for education for all. Education from pre-primary to higher education is free of charge in Finland. The new core curricula for pre-primary and basic education adopted in 2016 focus on learning, not steering. Finnish teachers are highly educated and strongly [...] 

The education system in Finland. Development and equality.


The discussion paper examines the education system in Finland from the viewpoint of equality. First, it presents the current structure of the education system in Finland. Second, history and development of the Finnish education system are discussed with special attention paid to the principle of equality, which has since the early 19th century been one of the key values [...] 

Die Geschichte der finnischen Schule. Von den Anfängen der Volksbildung bis zur Einrichtung der Gesamtschule.


Diese erste ausführliche deutschsprachige Darstellung der geschichtlichen Entwicklung der finnischen Schule befasst sich schwerpunktmäßig mit der früher so genannten “Volksbildung“; Fakten zur höheren Bildung werden teilweise ergänzt. 

Assessing Learning-to-Learn. A Framework


The concept of learning-to-learn has been adopted in response to the new challenges and demands presented for educational assessment by changes due to the educational reforms made in the 1990`s. According to the new legislation in Finland since 1.1.1999, the evaluation and assessment of educational outcomes form an important tool in directing education.  

On central dimensions of teacher education - a Finnish perspective.   


By necessity teacher education covers two dimensions. One is defined by the applied work that is carried out by each teacher every day. Another is the knowledge formation that gives the understanding of the nature of teachers' work. The latter dimension is expected to be founded on scientific principles. In many ways this dualistic nature of teacher education raises problems [...]

School tracking and development of cognitive skills.   


The Finnish comprehensive school reform replaced the old two-track school system with a uniform nine-year comprehensive school and significantly reduced the degree of heterogeneity in the Finnish primary and secondary education. We estimate the effect of this reform on the test scores in the Finnish Army Basic Skills test. The identification strategy relies on a [...]

Gender differences in educational attainment.   

ftp://ftp.iza.org/dps/dp1897.pdf; http://doku.iab.de/externe/2006/k060103f08.pdf

"This paper studies the relationship between the timing of tracking of pupils into vocational and academic secondary education and gender differences in educational attainment and income. We argue that in a system that streams students into vocational and academic tracks relatively late (age 15-16), girls are more likely to choose the academic track than boys because of gender [...]




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