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Events - collection profile and information on data management

Collection Profile
Data Maintenance

Collection Profile

You can enter congresses, meetings, conferences, fairs, exhibitions etc. dealing with education and targeting educational interest groups.

There is no legal claim to entering an event into our database.
The editors maintain their right to delete entries or to transfer them to another database.
We moreover process entries if necessary, in order to adapt them to the requirements of our information system.

We do not accept entries that fulfil one or several of the criteria listed below:

  • Free access, accessibility:
    The website is not usable/accessible by means of simple software (e.g. Flash animations cannot be deactivated).
  • no relevance for education/ pedagogy:
    the event does not primarily deal with education/pedagogy and it does not target any of the interest groups listed in the events database form.
  • Advertisement:
    The main purpose of the event is commercial, advertising a particular institution or product.
  • Offerings violating democratic, legal principles:
    We do not accept entries that contain clear indications of extremist views, racism, violence, pornography, discrimination, violation of personal rights, fundamentalism, cults, etc.
  • Further education/university courses
    We do not accept individual courses because specific course guides for students and databases exist here. Exceptions may apply to offerings from the area of pedagogy, as long as these are not findable via a further education database or the provider is indexed in our institutions database. The editors can decide upon making exceptions here, provided that the services are relevant for the respective area of education.

Data Maintenance Notice

Prior to making your entry, please check whether the offering already exists in the database.

The editors process the entries as soon as possible.

Existing data sets can be altered or deleted by the editors only. For such purposes, please send an e-mail to: mckenney@dipf.de




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