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Searching the index of newspaper articles

Searching the index of newspaper articles, the Zeitungsdokumentation Bildungswesen, works in analogy to the Simple and Advanced Search of the German Education Server:
The simple search is a a free text search that is similar to Google: Please enter one or several search terms (separated by a blank space) into the search slot, and clicken onto the orange coloured field labelled “find" below.
Please note that capital letters and small letters are not distinguished in this search quest, and umlauts and the letter ß are automatically dissolved.
If you are looking for different word forms of a term, you can use wild cards (* or %). These can be used at the left hand or right hand side of a word as well/or in the middle of the search term. If you wish to replace just one character, please use _ as a wild card:

  • Kind* will find Kind, Kinder, Kindes, Kindheit, kindlich,…
  • *materialien will find Lehr- und Lern- and Unterrichtsmaterialien
  • *beratung* will find Beratung, Berufsberatung, Beratungsgespräch or Berufsberatungsgespräch
  • Male_ will find Maler, malen, …

The Advanced Search option will also interpret several words entered into one slot, separated by blank spaces, as search terms. Thy will automatically be combined by an OR junction. Thus, all entries will be displayed that contain at least one of the search terms.
If you activate the checkbox on the right hand side for "all words" markieren, an AND combination of search terms will be activated. You will thus find entries containing all of the search terms.
The link between the fields is an “AND” combination..

Please use underlines for key words, consisting of several terms or for add-ons to author names Unterstriche, e.g. Bundesinstitut_fuer_Berufsbildung) or Diepold, Peter_(Hrsg.).

This database offersindex lists forpersons / institutions, newspapers and key terms.




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