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Searching the calendar of events

The events calendar will first of all display a list of all entries of the current date and the two following days in chronological order. You will activate a detailed description of a particular event by clicking onto its title, including the URLwhere you can find further information.
The buttons at the top and the bottom of the list enable you to change the list:
You can thus display earlier or later events, or determine how many entries are displayed at once, or you can further decide whether the list shal include events lasting shorter or longer than seven days, or include/exclude past events. Please use the button "ändern" to confirm your alterations, thus updating the list.

If you wish to find a particular event , you can use the search option in the right hand top corner. You can thus enter characteristics of the event you are looking for into the search form such as key words, dates,target groups, language of an event.Please press the CTRL key to search for several options while clicking.

Please note that capital letters and small letters are not distinguished when entering a key term and umlauts and the character ß are autmotically dissolved.
If you are looking for different word forms of a term, you can use wild cards (* or %). These can be used at the left hand or right hand side of a word as well/or in the middle of the search term. If you wish to replace just one character, please use _ as a wild card:

  • Kind* will find Kind, Kinder, Kindes, Kindheit, kindlich,…
  • *materialien will find Lehr- und Lern- and Unterrichtsmaterialien
  • *beratung* will find Beratung, Berufsberatung, Beratungsgespräch or Berufsberatungsgespräch
  • Selected fields of a search form are linked by AND-conjunctions, you will thus only find entries containingall of the terms/categories you have entered or marked.
    When entering several terms into the slot, please separate them by blank spaces. You can select the option "all words" from the list on the right hand side, also displaying records that contain all of the search terms. If you activate the option "one of the words", you will find entries containing one or the other term.




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