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Searching the online resources

All of the online resources have been categorised by fields of education
and they can be searched here.
Once you have decided upon searching a field of education, e.g. “early childhood education and care”br> and activated it with a click, yu can you can select one of the subcategories by means of a mouse click
, e.g. nature and environment.
You can use a simple search option for this topical area. An AND conjunction will link several search terms here:
Please enter one or more search terms, e.g. chemie kindergarten, in the slot
and click onto"find".
  • Capital and small letters are not distinguished (e.g.: groß will find Groß and groß).
  • Wild cards: can appear at the left, right or in the centre of a search term, and they make sense,
    if you wish to search with part of a word only.
    * or % several characters (e. g. kind* will find kinder, kindergarten, kinderuni etc.)
    _ for a single character (e.g. lehre_ will find lehren and lehrer)




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